PoligenPoligen was first developed by Zweihorn and considered by many artisans the best French polish ever made. Some years ago, Zweihorn discontinued the production. Desperate to run out of stock, my colleague Otto Vowinkel and I bought the recipes from Zweihorn and now can offer it again to instrument makers, cabinet makers and restorers.
Price: 45€/liter, further information (please read before ordering), to order, please send me an e-mail! Shipping only within European Union

on fireThe latest CD of Negar Bouban (oud, vocal)
Price: 18 € + shipping (worldwide), to order, please send me an e-mail!

koshi wind chimesThe Koshi wind chimes - I just love them! Four tunings are available: Terra: G C E F G C E G, Aqua: A D F G A D F A, Aria: A C E A B C E B and Ignis: G B D G B D G A.
Price: 42 € each + shipping (worldwide), to order, please send me an e-mail!

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